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Description of the investment:

Office spaces, commercial spaces, warehouses, join and separate.

Office premises description, split and merge:

1) in the most of 54m2 offices
–  2 entrances of 120x230cm in the light of the wall were prepared thus we achieved greater flexibility in the allocation of rooms and their functionality. We get two independent utility rooms of 27m2
– in every room of 54m2 there are two independent sewer connections, hot and cold water, from which we can make a bathroom or a toilet which means that each separate apartment of 27m2 will be ready to arrange in it a toilet, a sink, a washbasin, a bathtub, a shower, etc. Great premises for doctor’s study, hotel room, business office, language school etc.
– in every room of 54m2 there are 2 independent air-conditioning connections
– in every room of 54m2 there are 2 independent electrical and telecommunication circuits located in the small switchboard with 2 electronic electricity sub-meters. Therefore there will be no problems with proper billing of the premises after dividing them.
– in every room of 54m2 there is additionally brought multifilament fibre (in addition to the network twisted pairs) i case the new technological regulations require faster data transfer rates or more telephone lines which can be divided for each of  small premises.
– between 54m2 rooms the 176x230cm passages were prepared in the light of the wall, in which aluminium doors will be mounted. Thereby:

Option 1:
tenant, who need to rent approximately 80 m2, chooses a unit of 54m2+separated small  room of 27m2. In this way he gets a room for sales department of 54 m2 and 27 m2 for himself as a director or a chairman with communication within the premises.

Option 2:
The company hires approx. 110m2, where there are separated areas of 54m2 for a commercial department, 27m2 for a conference room and 27m2 for the boss’ office. There still remains proper communication and privacy within leased premises without additional troublesome adaptation and remodelling.

Option 3: another multiplicity.

Warehouse, warehouses – 6 gates description, split and merge:

1) the whole warehouse has the area 814m2 and 6 independent automatic industrial gates of dimensions: 450x275cm (in the light of the opening). The height of the warehouse / garage 320cm, after deduction of the amount of installation and substrings remains h = 300cm

2) 6 independent gates 450x275cm (in the light of the opening) ,with independent electrical circuits, sub-meters etc., so that the warehouse area may be split or merged:
– warehouse no.1 – 107m2
– warehouse no.2 – 129,6m2
– warehouse no.3 – 129,6m2
– warehouse no.4 – 238,2m2
– warehouse no.5 – 129,6m2
– warehouse no.6 – 86,3m2
– in each warehouse, garage there is: power, 230V sockets, and  each can be connected to sewerage, water, etc.
– industrial dust-free spout surface hardened


– tele-technical installation (network twisted pairs of fourth and fifth generation, telephone, optic fibre, TV coaxial cable, satellite, access control points, bonus cameras and alarm sensors in stairwells, corridors).
– installation of air-conditioning, 2 air-conditioning supplies in case of division of a 54m2 unit into two small rooms of 27m2.
– mechanical ventilation system in the garage, warehouse
– alarm system, external sensors hooked up to Solid monitoring.
– digital system of Full HD IP infrared colours cameras (now 11pcs: 2pcs in the warehouse, garage, 2 pcs staircases, 7pcs area around the building) + DVR for 32 cameras with the ability to control and follow-up on-line.
– area lighting, additional provisioning in water on the square, additional distributive on the square
– Internet DSL.
– electricity connection
– gas connection
– water and sanitation
– telephone twisted pair and optic fibre brought to the pole on the street.

Standard of finishing:

– stairs, i.e. steps 3cm thick and risers 2cm thick  of black polished granite with flamed non-slip strip.
– 3 cm thick windowsills of black granite
– 2 cm thick external windowsills with undercut eaves of black granite
– elements of module stairs
– plinths
– worktops from solid black granite 4cm thick with cut-out holes for kitchen sinks Franke.
– countertops for bathrooms, solid black granite 4cm thick with cut-out holes for sinks, ceramic white + set under counter basins and traps to all countertops.
– slabs of black granite 60x120x2cm – entrance hall and ground floor
– slabs of black granite 60x198x2cm, 60x175x2cm, 60x162x2cm – corridors
– stone tile with brown granite 30x60x1cm – office space on the 1st and 2nd floor, etc.
– granite bands to the front door and elevator
– Santorini stone on the first staircase
– Grigio Brillare stone for the second staircase
-slate side-chipped tiles Knossos for the external elevations (stripes under windows)
Brazilian slate tiles Nero Brasil 30x60x1cm and 30x90x1cm for the external elevation
– slabs of quartzite Galactica Struttura 60x120x2cm and brushed travertine walls 61×91,5×1,2 on lobby walls  and corridor to the elevator on the ground floor
– slabs of quartzite Yellow Rock 60x90x2cm for the corridor on 1st floor
– slabs of Teak Wood Sandstone and Vento Nero 60x90x2cm for the corridor on the 2nd floor
– different tiles and slabs to the toilets, bathrooms and kitchens throughout the building
– sett parking and entrance
– basalt-clad front fence, bays, trash bin covered with basalt and slate, slate tiles band on both sides of the fence front, 2 pieces in the trash gates, automatic entrance gate.
– automatic industrial garage gates 6 pcs

Construction of the building:

– concrete construction
– silicate outer walls 25cm
– PVC windows 8cm thick, with insert Styrofoam and corrugated steel reinforcement in the closed profile, fittings Sigenia Titan, burglar-proof  on the ground floor and the floor under the cap roof in class P4 and WK2, in anthracite colours from the outside, windows energy efficient.
– windows and doors Aluminium warm on the front elevation Ponzio, with additional thermal insulation profile, on the ground floor burglar-proof in the class P4 and WK2, fittings Wnkhouse, anthracite mat structure.
– internal partition walls, silicate 12cm
– 20cm Styrofoam insulation façade, 2x mesh embedded in the adhesive
– industrial floor surface hardened and reinforced with dispersed steel fibre and insulation of hard 6cm Styrofoam in the warehouse,  garage
– cement and  lime plasters.


Investment address : Warszawska Street 164, Latchorzew, Municipality of  Stare Babice near Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Warsaw West County.
(extension of  Górczewska Street 2,5km)

The property is located just less than 10 km from the centre of the capital and 1.8 km from the exit of the ring road S8 (outlet to the A2 motorway to Lodz, Poznan to Germany, and intersecting in Lodz with the A1 motorway to Gdansk).

Warszawska Street  164 in Latchorzew is an extension of Górczewska Street and for non-motorized allows access from the bus terminus Górczewska by three bus lines.

Investment address : Warszawska Street 164, Latchorzew, Municipality of  Stare Babice near Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Warsaw West County.

Contact person: Anna Kozłowska
phone: +48 227220362; +48 227220056
mobile phone: +48 602 880 551
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Contact person: Małgorzata Tryc
phone: +48 227220362; +48 227220056
mobile phone: +48 600 255 868
e-mail: mailblack

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