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The investor of the property to rent is  company Kimar Pro Art. company which has already completed a similar investment at Hubal Dobrzański Street 79 in Latchorzew, in the municipality of Stare Babice 9km from Warsaw city centre. Drawing on the company experience in  renting office space, you can be sure about the quality of the rental services of premises and further comfort of their use. Direct rent from a company which owns the property, can establish good, long-term relationships and reduces costs associated with the elimination of intermediary companies involved in the process.

In September 2013, we began the construction of a modern business centre Black Office. In  the conveniently located facility with an area of 2948m2 there will be spacious offices and warehouse area. High standard and interesting arrangements will satisfy even the most demanding representatives of business world, looking for suitable storage space for rent.

The office building houses a total of 28 unit premises and 814 m2 of warehouse / garage space for rent. All utility rooms have the surface of 54m2 with the possibility of combining adjacent rooms and dividing in half individual segments. All commercial premises have hydraulic connections and air conditioning. For the convenience of tenants in the fenced area belonging to the estate numerous parking slots have been arranged.